Methodology course for science teachers

In the ENGIE project, among other actions, an online course is organised for science teachers of secondary schools. The aim of the course is to introduce them how to teach geosciences in an attractive way. The course modules will be online available from November 2021 until the end of the project (December 2022). The course language is English. 

Even though it is vital for our life, geoscience is not a core subject in public education. However, if young people are introduced to the Earth’s processes and the human effect on our planet at an early age, they will develop critical and responsible thinking when they become adult citizens, professionals, administrative workers and/or policy makers.

This course focuses on a few specific topics of geosciences which have high relevance and interest nowadays and to which people of any age can relate in their daily lives and through their general knowledge. Presentations and teaching materials are structured around these topics to form thematic modules. The aim is to provide science teachers with knowledge on the given theme and ideas on how to present it to secondary school students in an engaging way.

Find below the course modules on 
Climate change, Geothermal energy, Mineral raw materials, Natural hazards, Teaching methods for geosciences, Gender aspects of teaching geosciences.

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    Available modules

    Climate Change

    Over the last ten years, Europe has faced sharp increase in expendi...

    Geothermal Energy

    Geothermal energy refers to the inner heat of Earth. As an energy s...

    Mineral Raw Materials

    Mineral raw materials are mineral constituents of the earth's crust...

    Natural Hazards

    Natural hazards are induced by natural phenomena such as landslides...

    Teaching Methods for Geosciences

    Geoscience is an integrated science that brings together mathematic...

    Gender Aspects in Geosciences

    The gender pattern in geosciences and the related engineering sec...

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